timber tent camping / glamping pods

A picnic bench set in a field with small copses around. A woollen tasselled throw is draped over the seat and a glass of champagne, it's bottle, an open book and a plant pot are arranged on the table surface.
Orchard Organic Farm - A shot of the front of a hens den with a glass of champagne and an open book and plant in a pot on a garden table in the foreground with a black dog laying on the porch of the hens den in the background
Interior shot of a hens den with a dressed bed

welcome to the hen’s dens

The Hen’s Dens are our timber tent camping / glamping pods.

The Dens are our original chicken sheds built by us at the start of our organic laying hens enterprise, and which became redundant as we have expanded the business.

A few years ago we had a light bulb moment the thought ‘why don’t we turn them into Timber Tents’, and with the support of the planning authority, we set out on the task of converting them.

The Dens have been carefully set in a quiet spot amongst our cob nut trees and adjoining an orchard of organic desert apples trees.

copper pan set
Towel hooks with a blue and cream towel on one
Book and cushion

To make room we dug up and transplanted some nut trees and planted many dozens of new trees and hedging plants.

After many months of hard work, hopefully you will agree, we have created an attractive and appealing, unique, small site to provide an enjoyable place to stay.

The intention from the outset was to provide:

  • camping without the need for a tent
  • high quality spacious accommodation
  • flexible stay which you are able to tailor to suit your needs

what people say

Some of the recent reviews from our guests.

What a brilliant place to stay! Had a fab two nights here. Lovely location, and really good amenities. I particularly liked that there is an actual kitchen, shower and loo for each of the ‘Den’s’ in a separate block. With a fridge and microwave. Makes food storage and prep really easy, especially in the hot weather. The Den’s are ridiculously sturdy, and well built, and we loved the idea that they have been re-purposed from actual chicken coops. Come stay here!

Dave and Cherry Land and family - Stroud

Loved being cooped up here on the edge of an orchard with breathtaking views of the Devon countryside and a whiff of sea in the air. Snug in my simple hut (with all mod cons discreetly at hand) I felt very much at home with the chickens roaming their free range fields. Newly laid eggs for breakfast and freshly baked bread delivered to your door at weekends. For a cheap no frills stay it would be hard to beat. Very high in the pecking order!

G.Shackle. London W8

We had a lovely stay in ‘The Roosts’ with our two girls. Really friendly, peaceful , and smart. Proved to be a great location with loads to do nearly, but girls just loved chilling, playing and having a tour of the farm.  We hired beds and cooking kit and it worked out a treat, saved lugging loads of stuff and good value. We will be back. Thanks.

Corina and Russell Darnley, Solihull

A first holiday in England. My boyfriend said it would be just like visiting my dacha in Russia. And it was! A comfortable wooden building surrounded by nature. Perfect for a girl who is keen on these sort of things. Lots of wildlife and starry nights.

Natasha C. St Petersberg

First time camping without a tent! OK, cheating a little but a great idea. All the outdoor feeling while tucked up in a wooden den.
Goodbye guide ropes!

Terry Jack, Guildford

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