We have been experiencing technical issues ….

//We have been experiencing technical issues ….

We have been experiencing technical issues ….

Blogs are back after what has been ‘abit of a break’ we have finally got around to getting our website up and running properly again, sorry!  If you are looking for a bit of a potted history for what we have been upto we do regularly post golden nuggets of exciting (Emma tends to disagree!) things we have been upto on our Facebook page which you are welcome to look through by clicking the above link.  Our Facebook page has a faithful following so to avoid being boring we will avoid going back over old news and will start to post new news blogs every few weeks again now going forward.

Grading barnBringing us upto date, we are now upto approximately 5,000 hens in nine mobile buildings busily laying rarely well at the moment.  To keep up we have recently finished refurbishing of grading barn and installing a new (ish) grading machine to make us more efficient.  The machine resembles something from Wallis and Grommet humming and whirring away, nut it is now at least running forward.  When it is behaving we, a team of four, can now comfortably grade and pack 4,000 eggs per hour.  There is a short video of it working on our YouTube page which can now be found using the new link above!

In a kind of ‘Tale Wagging the Dog’ way, our team of staff has grown to keep up as you will see on the Team page and we will try to persuade them to stand still long enough to get photos to add.  We are very lucky to have lots of diverse bt hardworking and fun help.

We are just starting calving and now have eight lovely South Devon cows plus George the bull and last years calves, great time of year and amazing weather.

We have lots coming up and going on at the moment so will be sure to post plenty of more interesting and less woolly blogs shortly, in the meantime thanks for looking!


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