Long Winter

//Long Winter

Long Winter

Back to square one, or possibly further back than that ….. It was our youngest daughters third birthday at weekend, last year we had her freinds around to the house and sat out in the garden basking in the sun, this year involved an last minute booking of the village hall and a bouncy castle! It is wetter, colder and windier than it has been nearly all winter, and that is saying something!

Like many farmers, we had let our cows out a couple weeks ago in those few lovely days sent to provide us with false hope, they loved it. The ground is now saturated again and grass stopped growing so they are back in again sadly (considerably worse further up country). This has meant that we have had to go and buy some straw from our large farming neighbour, chance to chew the fat. He is all to happy to sell us some straw as having an really trying winter, having already ploughed up £30K of winter cereals and replanted, he has now been closed down with TB (boughten in cattle foretunately). this means he cannot buy in any more young stock to fatten so his barns are emptying rapidly, a cashflow crippler, so all to happy to sell forage and straw. It has been a pretty terrible couple of years to be a farmer, we are so dependent on so many variable beyond our control, the weather being at the top of the pile!

On a more positive note our cows start calving soon, always exciting! We have agreed to host a set of ‘Field Labs’, more info to come. And we are doing some filming over the next few weeks, will keep you posted. And spring must come soon, my favourite time of year!

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