“I’ve re-invested it dear!”

//“I’ve re-invested it dear!”

“I’ve re-invested it dear!”

So the accountant prepared a lovely set of accounts that showed us a healthy gross profit this year ad congratulated us on a good year. I went home all pleased and upbeat and showed Emma (my wife) the headline gross profit figure to which she said, “so where is it?” to which I replied “I’ve reinvested it dear” to which she replied “but the bank account is empty, stop reinvesting!”

But we can’t ………. We are still a young business expanding and improving constantly, so we are continually re-investing, hopefully always wisely and with the long term benefit to the business in mind. This year has been particularly busy (expensive) but one has proved immediately beneficial this year. We have been fortunate to acquire from one of our customers a load of second hand fridge panels which, along with a lot of concrete, adapting, plumbing, wiring and hardwork, we have used to build a pair of large coldrooms. img_20160712_225957

And these have been liberating for us this summer, allowing us to store eggs carefully and most importantly, store our bumper crop of apples at 3 degrees c, brilliant, allowing us to sort, ripen and sell without the usual pressure of having to instantly balance supply and demand. However typically and really foretunately it has been a great year and demand has massively out stripped supply. Good summer! img_20160830_112154_panorama

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