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Orchard Organic Farm Eggs

Our aim is to produce the best quality eggs from the happiest and healthiest hens.

Happy hens lay great eggs.

To ensure this is possible we implement the following standards:

  • Maximum of 500 hens in a flock. The majority of alternative organic eggs come from 2000+ bird flocks and free range eggs from 6000+ bird houses.
  • 100% organic corn based feed rations. The feed does not contain any additives or artificial colouring agents, so the colour of the egg yolks is natural and can vary at times.
  • Longer or two laying years (very unusual) by allowing the hens to have a natural moult.
  • Flocks moved onto fresh pasture range regularly and range management.
  • High quality housing and husbandry.
  • Straw and wood-chip bedded scratching areas.
  • Locally reared and traditional breed pullets.
  • Minimum of 10 hours sleeping time.
  • External ranging shelters, toys, scratch feed and drinkers.
  • Eggs are packed in our grading shed on our farm and delivered within one week of lay.

We hope you will agree that the proof is in the taste!

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