Good Day

Beautiful day! Spent it moving hen house and clearing the 35 tonnes of litter beneath, ready for 600 new residents next week. Smelly, sticky and slippery job but went well and nothing broke. Hens also really enjoying a rare sunny day, is this spring. Good day!

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Love The Flavour

We are really pleased to have been accepted as Members of the rather exclusive Love The Flavour food group which is part of Devon Food and Drink. Food & Drink Devon – 'Love the Flavour' represents a membership of like minded businesses, dedicated to providing good quality local food & drink. As our key drivers are Local, High Quality, High [...]

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Happy New Year

We have made it through the Christmas madness! Pre Christmas saw our busiest ever two weeks with the team putting in a lot of hours to pack and deliver our biggest ever orders, close to 30,000 lovely organic eggs going out the door on the week before Christmas. The difficulty is that the weeks after Christmas see orders virtually dry [...]

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Helpers and Hedges

Hedges - That time of the year again when the leaves have dropped and into a winter routine, we tackle our hedges. Over the last fifteen years we have 'remade' most of the hedges on the farm including several hundred metres of new hedges, mainly as part of a Countryside Stewardship agreement. the agreement and scheme has long since completed [...]

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Mud, Muck and Mishaps

MUD - After what was an exceptionally wet October the few days of dry sunny weather has been a really welcome opportunity to get on with some of the list of jobs. MUCK - Today has been all about poo!. We have moved one of our hen houses, with 500 girls in residence, clear out and move the 24 tonnes [...]

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Blackberries, Mud and Children

Rare Sunny October Saturday …. Ideal afternoon to take a gang of children to the farm for some outdoors fun! Mad few hours of them picking their own body weight of blackberries (one of the only decent crops on the farm this year!), collecting eggs, hunting for nuts and apples, saying hi to the cows, going on jeep safari, falling [...]

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New Arrivals

Exciting week, after several years without any ruminants of our own on the farm (just poultry, crops and apples) we have taken delivery of our first small step back into stock farming, four lovely cows.  We have bought four organic South Devon cows from a neighbour.  The girls are due to calve in the spring and hopefully be the start [...]

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Indian Summer

Children are back at school, summer holidays gone amazingly quickly, and we are falling back into some sort of routine.  Typically as soon as the children went back, summer has arrived and we are enjoying a lovely spell of warm sunny days which is perfect for ripening and picking apples and keeping spirits up. Our neighbour  / contractor came this [...]

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At last the weather man is predicting a prolonged spell of dry weather! We have finally started apple picking today, which is several weeks later than normal due to lack of summer, though we are a few weeks earlier than most it would seem.   Started with Discovery this week which are a crisp and tasty early eater Problem is that the crop [...]

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British Summer!

Another mad week. Our plans this week, already busy, were stretched somewhat by the rare event this summer of four dry (ish)days in a row!   Monday morning we rushed out and mowed 9 acres of grass plus 6 acres of second cut, very unusual on our normally dry farm.  Spent the afternoon sorting out our empty house number 3 Tuesday we [...]

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