“I’ve re-invested it dear!”

So the accountant prepared a lovely set of accounts that showed us a healthy gross profit this year ad congratulated us on a good year. I went home all pleased and upbeat and showed Emma (my wife) the headline gross profit figure to which she said, "so where is it?" to which I replied "I've reinvested it dear" to [...]

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Education, education, education …..

I regularly find myself saying 'Every day is a school day!' Education seems to be a common theme to us at present, (especially being married to a busy teacher, and with elections loaming etc.) with farm walks, Open Farm Sunday etc., coming up.  Next couple of weeks we are hosting a group of Agricultural Degree students from South Devon College [...]

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We have been experiencing technical issues ….

Blogs are back after what has been 'abit of a break' we have finally got around to getting our website up and running properly again, sorry!  If you are looking for a bit of a potted history for what we have been upto we do regularly post golden nuggets of exciting (Emma tends to disagree!) things we have been upto [...]

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Field Lab

We have agreed to host and lead a set of Soil Association and Dutchy College FIELD LAB. The Lab is an on farm investigation / study into, in our case, Moulting of Laying Hens. Until recently the Soil Association would not permit the 'forced' moulting of laying hens as it was deemed to be 'un natural' and detrimental to the [...]

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Bee Friend

Hurrah! Great news. In a triumph for bees and the independence of science, our Environment Secretary and the chaps from Syngenta were defeated last week by an EU commission vote, which will now restrict the use of neonicotinoids on flowering crops. To descend to the Defra position, where nature is expendable unless it can be demonstrated incontrovertibly that it is [...]

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Red Tractor

. Another day, another inspection and another fee, nut good news, we are now members of the Red Tractor Farm Assurance scheme. This applies to the cattle and will allow us to sell our beef to Sainsbutry's and alike via the Organic Livestock Marking Company as we have done historically.

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Long Winter

Back to square one, or possibly further back than that ..... It was our youngest daughters third birthday at weekend, last year we had her freinds around to the house and sat out in the garden basking in the sun, this year involved an last minute booking of the village hall and a bouncy castle! It is wetter, colder and [...]

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A Rare and Forgotten Sight …

DUST FLYING! Something we haven't seen for months and months! We have now had a week of virtually continual dry weather, albeit freezing bitter easterly winds. As predicted this has led us into a mad frenzee of activity. When you drive around the countryside at the moment fields are alive with tractors trying to make the best of an awful [...]

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