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Hurrah! Great news. In a triumph for bees and the independence of science, our Environment Secretary and the chaps from Syngenta were defeated last week by an EU commission vote, which will now restrict the use of neonicotinoids on flowering crops. To descend to the Defra position, where nature is expendable unless it can be demonstrated incontrovertibly that it is worth saving on economic grounds, would be hugely depressing. It makes me ashamed to be human and even more ashamed to be British. Our current government and Defra care very little for agriculture and even less for organic farming and, whilst the only focus is on cutbacks little is likely to change. Thankfully there was more enlightenment elsewhere in Europe – as well as a great number of passionate Brits campaigning here.

We have a neighbour and friend who has sixty years experience of game keeping and traditional vermin control methods and is an invaluable help to us. He spends alot of time walking the farm, and our various neighbours, and keeps a very close eye on the land and us. Mike is also a keen bee keeper, but i only recently leant in a chat that he has also always been an avid butterfly collector. Mike is not particularly organic minded but in our chat he explained how he regularly sees many many more butterfflies and insects in our hedges and varities he hasn’t seen for years, a resounded endorsement of organic farming! We will be relying heavily on bees and our insect friends over the next few weeks as our apple trees come into blossom. We are Bee freindly!

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